Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fitness First & USANA

Hari tu nak citer pasal my Fitness programme kan? Awal bulan Nov 09 ni, officially i have joined Fitness First. Ingat tak entry lepas nie, ye ye nak kuwuskan badan, nak work out la, end up pas raye balik keje tak buat ape pun. Which is so merugikan waktu, sitting without doing nothing. Sempat plak tido waktu Asar tu. Ish ish tak patutnye.

Thanks to Azie & Ija yang temankan ke IOI Mall Puchong. Well, disebabkan itu yang terdekat, money & energy wise, FF la pilihan I. Ada satu lagi choice, True Fitness (paling dekat kat Taipan USJ) tapi jauh & had to pay more toll. Pakej yang I amek 3 bulan aje. We'll see how it goes kalo ok, i just continue.

Muke gembira pas makan McD. Ptg tu terus pi FF

Freebies from FF. Beg, headphone, small towel & a bottle

FF IOI Mall Puchong

Now after almost 1 month being a member there, i bet mmg FF best. Ada banyak equipment & classes too. from yoga to dancing, body combat to RPM, it's so much to try. Hari2 mau datang. lagipun I amek passport which is I can access any FF club in Malaysia & world wide also. Kelassss gitu.. also dapat ramai kawan & nengok byk gelagat manusia..

In order to expedite my goals (I really have to achieve 'that' challenge) I officially an USANA member now. Hahahaha brape byk aku jadi member la ni. Harap2 bukan hangat2 taik ayam sudah la. Yelah, I pikir, penat2 work out pastu makan tak jaga tak gune gak kan? Bila la mau kembali ke bentuk asal?

Actually, pas kita bersenam, peluh giler2 rase guilty nak makan byk tau atau nak makan yang unhealthy. Cume bila tak dpt nak pi gym sebab bz, bla..bla.. masa tu la TERambil makanan yg cube dipantang. Owhhhh tidakk!!

Ok, ni pasal USANA. It has many range of product tapi untuk menjaga body this is suitable & EFFECTIVE too.

Info produk:

Dutch Chocolate & French Vanilla
(Choco is best!!)


  • A quality source of protein, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and many micronutrients in two delicious flavours.
  • Provides low glycemic complex carbohydrates and 8 grams of dietary fibre per serving.

NUTRIMEAL is a balanced meal replacement drink and a quality source of protein, carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and many micronutrients.

THE BENEFITS OF SOY AND WHEY PROTEIN Each serving of Dutch Chocolate provides 15 grams of soy, whey, and other proteins. French Vanilla NUTRIMEAL provides 15 grams of soy protein. Soy protein is a complete protein, containing all of the essential amino acids in optimal ratios and in a highly digestible form. Whey protein, which is also easily digestible, is an excellent source of amino acids essential for building a healthy body.

LOW GLYCEMIC CARBOHYDRATE AND FIBRE NUTRIMEAL has low-glycemic index of 23, to help reduce carbohydrate cravings and deliver sustained energy throughout the day. Each serving also contains 8 grams of high quality dietary fibre.


Almond Crème & Peach Mango

  • FIBERGY™ is an advanced fibre drink mix providing 14 sources of dietary fibre
  • FIBERGY™ contains 12 grams of soluble and insoluble fibre in each serving--more than twice the amount of other fibre products
  • FIBERGY™ is a good source of potassium.

FIBERGY™ is the easy and delicious way to get your daily requirement of healthy fiber. The FIBERGY drink has a 2:1 ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber, which is ideal for health. FIBERGY™ is an excellent source of dietary fibre.

With a smooth texture and great taste, FIBERGY is something you will look forward to every day. The high fibre content also will leave you satisfied, so you won't be looking for a snack an hour later.

A serving of FIBERGY contains 12 grams of fibre from 14 different sources. Consuming multiple sources of dietary fibre can be beneficial because different types of fibre (oat bran, citrus pectin, etc.) provide specific benefits and act in different ways in the body. FIBERGY is available in two delicious flavours: Almond Crème and Peach Mango.

Avoid the frequent cravings and health risks associated with a high-glycemic diet. FIBERGY is low glycemic, providing sustained energy and greater satiety throughout the day.

Add two scoops of FIBERGY to 220 mL of cold water. Blend or shake. You may also mix with juice, skim milk, or soy milk.

OK, to those yang berminat nak menurunkan berat badan, the key point is keep moving & watch out your food intake (the Quantity & Quality). This is not the way to keep slim saje. Tapi to keep a healthy life style. InsyaAllah it will lead u to a quality life inner & outer.

p/s: Nutrimeal mmg Yummy giler!! And thanks to my up upline.. Leeds



salam kenal..

kalo follow the step and eat all the related food, bleh jd cun ek body?

boleh bina badan ar?

Fazira Aziz said...

salam lukisan pena,

insyaAllah boleh,provided kena la work out kan?

Kalo mcm lelaki nak body ketui-ketui, need specific training plus eat the rite food.