Sunday, August 2, 2009

10 - 10 = 50

Well ya i have to admit i've gained weight since i got married. To be precise it is 10 kilos. Whoaa what an achievement!! Realizing about that matter i started jogging & control my meal intake. After struggling about 4 months i manage to loose weight almost 4 kilos.. but definitely time & food is my enemy. When im busy i felt so tired & lazy to do my workout. Plus it has been raining & hazy days in the past few months. The coldness & the contaminated surroundings had made me compounded in my comfort zone. Now i am so ashamed to wear my outing outfit. It all look so tight & sendat bagai cempedak dibungkus.. Esp. on my arm, my drumstick [hehehe - leh ganti fafau ni] & also on the women's lowest biggest asset [u know where?].

Currently been googling about fitness class. I've found several options [ & yet have to ask for the husband's approval first].
  • Fitness First - the nearest to my house is located in IOI Mall Puchong. I've been thinking i probably will spend my evening at the gym together with the personal training [ help me keep motivated towards my goal]. Tapi for sure it will cost me lots of penny.
  • Kevin Zahri - recently had a promo on personal training & consultation. The cheapest is RM175 & the expensive is RM800. But 1 training & consultion isn't enough for me then. Plus the studio located at Ampang which is way to imposible for me to reach there after office hours. Tol, mintak lagi.. huhu tapi i love his health tips....
  • Jogging sendiri - memang la the cheapest & easiest one. Kat putrajaya ni memang banyak jogging trek yang menarik. In fact in front of my house is a lovely scenary jogging view. Finger crossed!! Memang cantik & mendamaikan. But since i've accidentally met the cik ular i'm totally freakout!! Tak masuk lagi being stared by en. biawak.. Horror!!
  • Slimworld? - Totally buang duit unless aku dah beranak pinak & nak dapat figure asal then i think it is worth it :)
Whatever method i'm going to implement, i need to bear in my mind achieving ideal weight isn't enough. My life sytle also has to change esp my diet. Kalo penat2 dapat berat berat idaman, pastu melantak sesuka hati pun tak guna... Puasa pun tak lama lagi ni. Harap2 hujung tahun ni baju2 goreng cempedak tu longgar2 semula.. throw out the 10 kilos that i've suck.. Boleh ke?

Bersempena dengan health concious nye saya ni, ada blog roll about kevin zahri & his cekodok website [to kira-kira your calories intake & many more health tips] & haza the running mom [mummy & lecturer UIAM yang mencebukan diri dalam arena berjoging & she looks so young!! damn so cute mummy]. Hope it will be useful to you guys.

p/s: It is never too late to start :) Tak mau menyesal nanti..


Jurukaka said...

jangan tak fit dah weii... hang la star kami.

kalau kena team building abis la kalau kita satu team.. aku selalu collapt/surrender awal coz aku ni obes..

tanpamu pasti team kita tewas lagi hahahahah....

dari orang yang awal-awal kantoi masa berakit dulu tu hehehehe..

Mama Qaseh said...

aku pon tgh consider nk loose weight nie..teringin nk pakai baju and nampak cantik..

lagi2 pas beranak ni..perut x bape nk kempis (read:buncit)..almaklumle..operate..x berani nk over2 tang perut nie..

i k i N said...


Nk turun kan berat badan gak...