Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm in Syndrome but no PMS ha..

This evening i went to Klinik Putrajaya. The reason is i'm having ear sore (hehe sakit tinge la) and i had difficulty to open my mouth wider especially bila makan benda yg liat-liat, keras. Actually this is the third time i face the situation within these few weeks. But after ate rendang free td sakit tinge tak hengat...

Bila check ngan physicians, ok..siap dr. ckp tinge chantek lagi. agaknye mcmane la tinge chantek ek? so dr. soh saya refer dentist plak. Ni masalah jaw. It so happen memang dari dulu lagi my jaw selalu clicking everytime menguap atau bukak mulut besar. Dentist said i had TMJ Dysfunction Syndrome. What the hell is that?


TMJ is a disorder of the jaw joint and related structures where:
  • the ball (condyle);
  • socket (fossa); and
  • cushioning disk (meniscus)
of the joint are damaged or misaligned.

Over time, the meniscus becomes increasingly compressed and torn, allowing the bony structures of the ball and socket to deteriorate at an accelerating rate due to the grinding wear on the joint and the loss of cushioning effect of the meniscus.

This grinding (crepitus) and concurrent pressure on the capsular ligament surrounding the joint can cause head pain, and may create difficulty in opening or closing of the mouth.

The body attempts to realign the joint using the musculature in the face, jaw and neck. As these muscles become fatigued, additional muscles in the shoulders and back attempt to help this condition, then become stressed themselves. This can cause symptoms of generalized muscle pain and weakness that are diagnosed as Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome (Fibromyalgia)
and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Woo dats y i've lost apetite within few weeks and always wanted soup, porridge, benda2 lembut. Tak lalu makan & seriously memang saket pale. Dah 2 hari gak tak leh tido. I guess, its one of the symptom la tu. Patut la....

Dentist adviced me to:

  • tuam jaw ngan towel panas atau pre-heated gel bag at least 5x/ tak buat lagi..
  • masa tengok tv ke, tengah melangok ke, jangan ketap gigi..bagi space antara gigi atas & bawah dat jaw muscle less stress.
  • mkn benda2 lembut je for the 2 weeks.
  • kalo saket sgt telah la brufen ke any pain killer la. tp saya allergic so kena tahan je la saket.
  • This TMJ has no cure and even there's always option to do surgery it is unsure it will cure and may happen again. And also no specific medification for this.
Takpe la, nak wat camne kan? I always got mcm2 saket tapi alhamdulillah tak pernah la yang teruk2. Nak membuang dosa2 agaknye. Redha dengan ketentuanNya, itu lebih baik sebab saket tu suatu nikmat & peringatan kepada hambaNya.


RheA said...

semoga cepat sembuh.. :)

Fazira Aziz said...

Maceh McSue.. aku link ko eh,nak tau gak hdup seorang lecturer ni..

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