Friday, September 11, 2009


Currently im blog-hoping on these 2 interesting blog. Both of them are Malaysian who live and work abroad. I found that they have very fantastic journey.

1st is Kak Min @ Lemon grass who is currently stay in Australia with his Aussie husband and two adorable girls. I just love the way she cook for her family & the mix culture in their life. She taught her children to fasting & at the same time she managed to balance western & eastern food as well. Yelah dia pun sure teringin nak makan masakan kg kan? Sometimes she had to cook many different dishes due to masing-masing nak ikut tekak sendiri. But suke tengok masakan-masakan kak min ni. Sangat menarik & membuatkan aku lapar. Hehehe visit her @

2ndly is Manzlie yang sedang bekerja di Mekah di industri perhotelan. Just found out his website and masih sedang berusaha membacanya lagi. Visit him @

I wish i can live abroad also untuk sambung Master & PhD ataupun suatu masa nanti kalau husband ada rezeki keje kat luar negara definitely im following. It is my dream to experience other people culture & live life to the fullest.

Resepi kak min yang aku teringin nak rase & try. PAVLOVA. So yummy isn't it?

What is PAVLOVA? Kak min's review "When people ask me what does pavlova taste like, I really don't know how to describe it apart from that it's sweet (too sweet for some people!) with crispy and brittle outer layer with a very soft fluffy marshmallowy centre. It's basically meringue but in a bigger form and softer in the middle. And very low in fat for anyone who's conscious of their fat intake (but high in sugar!) so still not a healthy dessert especially after you've topped it with whipped cream. But the fresh fruits on top of the pavlova is definitely healthy"


Fathiyah said...

salam kak ira :)
apa kabar dibulan puasa?

saya tak penah try lg pavlova.rasanya harus dicuba jugak la.nak tau gak mcm mn la rs desert ni kan.tgk mmg terliur habes lah :)

caPik said...

buat2 kat rumah.
kg lagi bagus!!!
laaa lupe. ayong xrye sini taon ni.

Mr.Clive said...

oh my gosh!the cake loooooks so yummy!

Mr.Clive said...

by the way,hello!

sajejeje bace blog orang.ahaha. :)

Fazira Aziz said...

Fathiyah : Haah that pavlova really tempting. Nak buat tak pandai, nak cari kat kedai tak tau la kat mane.

Apit : hehehe i jadi org Keyel ok taun ni.. i, soriii

mr.clive : hello too :) baca jangan tak baca blog sy yg merepek ni