Monday, June 1, 2009

My Vaction to KK : Last Part

Huhu penat tulis2 tadi tetibe hilang plak... so layan gambar aje la.. sape nak pakej perkhidmatan tourism ke KK leh hubungi saya :) hehehe

Best snorkeling

Our Last sunset in KK

Ni la Marina Court Resort Condo

:) Sodap makan kat sini


kirana said...

ira...ira ni kwn nurul azuwar ek..hehehe
kebetulan sungguh..dia junior akak kat sekolah dulu..

aRe_uDear said...

huhuuu dah penak g kk nih..mmg tempat best.. next trip ayu tuk honeymoon kat kk la.. abg sponsor honeymoon time kawen ari 2..x saba nak g tapi pk bab nak cuti jer manjang kene tangguh waaaaa..

Fazira Aziz said...

kirana : ira & noorul ex-cozmate kat utm dlu. kecik aje dunia ni kan? pusing2 jupe balik kawan2

ayu : so much to treasure about sabah. kdg2 plan2 ni pun tak best. yang unplanned lagi seronok. tapi kena gak la plan sket..hehe takpe leh refer forum mana2 utk dpat info. ira pi kat banyak gak dapat info.

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